Environmental Social Governance

Sustainability is a strategic priority for ChemOne Group. The continued success of the Group depends very much on how we balance our business objectives, meet the needs of our people and the communities as well as protect the environment.

Global Environmental Conservation

  • One of our main focuses is our operational impact on the environment. We actively contribute to the sustainable development of socio-environmental actions against global warming, such as recycling, reducing and treating waste, and development of green or eco-friendly products.
  • In our aim to support global environment conservation, all of our operational sites are equipped with Waste Water Treatment facilities, is one of the significant ChemOne Group facility to support global environment conservation.

Social Contribution

ChemOne Group remains cognisant of the geo-sociological impact it may have. We believe in keeping good social with those in close proximity to its operations. We adhere to the following principles in relation and cooperation with societies:

  • Adaptive to local society culture
  • Actively participate in developing society as part of the corporate social responsibility
  • Implementing Safe and Healthy Environment Management policies in conjunction with government regulations and requirements that require providing optimum safety to employees.
  • Training employees in improving safety precaution measures and first response to accidents or other adverse incidents.

Corporate Governance

  • ChemOne Group emulates corporate governance standards that guide us as we believe that good governance systems and practices supplement our growth. ChemOne has instilled a set of well-defined policies and processes to enhance corporate performance and accountability, as well as protect the interests of stakeholders.
  • The Board aims to create value for stakeholders and ensure the long-term success of the Group by focusing on the development of the right strategy, business model, risk appetite, management, and succession plan and compensation framework. It also seeks to align the interests of the Board and Management with that of stakeholders and balance the interests of all stakeholders. In addition, the Board sets the tone for the entire organisation in terms of ethics and values.