Natural Resources - Construction Materials

The Construction Materials business division is part of our Natural Resources Group focussing on development of specialty cement products across Southeast Asia. The development has already secured licenses required to raw material mining, business to the production and sale of cement, with the primary target market being the infrastructure construction projects such as highways, bridges, railways, and roads, as well as residential buildings. The business division owns mining concessions of raw material for production of cement, which could potentially sustain over 200 years of cement production with annual production capacity of 3 million tonnes of cement.

Our plant in West Java, Indonesia, will be one of the largest integrated cement plant complex in Indonesia. The plant is located within proximity to a cement mill and a terminal which provides a strategic base to cater our supply to the Indonesian national railways and highways construction sector across the Java Island.

As one of leading cement producers, ChemOne’s Construction Materials division is well-positioned for the years ahead as it continues to expand into Cement Material Mining, Cement Production and Ready Mix Cement business, as well as looking to provide sustainable material solutions for the industrial challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.