Natural Resources - Forestry

ChemOne is developing a major natural resource facility within West Kalimantan of Indonesia.

Holding 160,000 ha and adding more licensed land, ChemOne is establishing sustainable FSC Certified planted forests and ecological agroforestry on deforested land with significant conservation, rehabilitation, and reforestation of natural forests. The effort applies free prior informed consent and Equator Principles with no negative ILUC impact.

The investment is integrated with environmentally friendly fossil fuel free production of kraft pulp, biomaterials, and an excess of green electricity. The kraft pulp is used globally for renewable packaging, hygiene, and textile solutions. Renewable energy will supply the national grid and provide for extra value-added production.

ChemOne’s investment, which provides significant positive socio-economic impact includes sustainable pulpwood and a world scale kraft biorefinery with infrastructure. Latest technology converts renewable wood into biomaterials for paper, textile, second-generation biofuels, bioplastics, biodegradable resins and glues, biopolymers, and carbon fibres, with a surplus of green energy.

ChemOne with industrial partner, general contractor and stakeholders are finalising spatial planning, permitting and procurement to implement this green renewable project.