Business Divisions

Petrochemicals & Performance Materials

The Petrochemicals and Performance Materials Division (PPM) is the cornerstone of ChemOne’s petrochemical-based value chains throughout the region. The division manufactures and markets a broad portfolio range of high-quality product segments, including olefins, aromatics and specialty performance materials. We make efforts on a daily basis in order to precisely respond to the constantly changing needs of our customers and business partners, while taking advantage of our extensive sales network within South East Asia and around the globe, as well as the competitive product lineups offered by the businesses in which we invest in various parts of the world.

Our Performance Material range also creates links between related growth industries from a raw materials perspective. Addressing social needs and issues, it provides solutions through the creation of new business focused on the development of materials with more sophisticated functions, for fields ranging from automotive and electronic materials to housing and lifestyle products and a portfolio of packaging materials.

Many consumer-related fields such as clothing, food and housing are associated with the chemicals industry. Our business division leverages the unique attributes of the industry to provide the most pertinent and up-to-date information to consumers. To that end, we continue to add new links to our global value chain.