Green Energy

ChemOne Group is committed to developing its Green Energy business towards a low carbon economy.

We are actively transforming our natural resource business to use renewable carbon. Our diverse in-house feedstock sourcing programme across South East Asia provides a strong platform for renewable fuels development, which offers 50-90% lesser CO2 emissions than standard fossil based fuels.

Our Green Energy business team is leading the transformation path from linear to circular economy. The renewable fuels contain higher concentrations of cetane than fossil fuels, which makes them act more effectively as a lubricant in car engines. This means that the engine requires less maintenance over a longer period of time, increasing its durability and that of the vehicle as a whole. That’s attractive both in economic and environmental terms for the car owner and for the wider community. Plants photosynthesize carbon from the atmosphere. When biofuels are burned, they release carbon back into the atmosphere. Hence, plants absorb an equal amount of carbon as to what biofuels can emit.

In promoting sustainability through Green Energy Division, we refer to international guidelines and principles such as The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nation. Through our initiatives, we will further reduce our environmental impact and aim to create a circular economy society to ensure a more sustainable living world for the future generations.